Can your company survive a zombie outbreak?

THE OUTBREAK is a team-based step and exercise challenge that tasks your employees with surviving in the harsh world of a zombie outbreak using their real-world steps and physical activity.


the ultimate walking challenge

More Than a 10,000 Steps Program

More than just a glorified step challenge with a leaderboard, THE OUTBREAK is a dynamic game where your employees’ steps and exercise determine their survivability in a zombie outbreak. Too few steps may result in getting caught by the zombies. Who will be turned and who will survive?


use your smartphone

Verified Step Syncing

THE OUTBREAK integrates natively with Apple Healthkit and Google Fit so participants can import step and activity data directly from their smartphones or sync from their Fitbit, Apple Watch or other favorite activity tracker or exercise app. And with our TruStep™ technology, you can limit or prohibit manually entered steps/activity.


a new race each week

Get to the Safehouse!

Start each week in a new safehouse, with your team’s steps driving progression across the game board and unlocking new chapters in the ongoing story. Teams are rewarded for synergistic play with combat bonuses and extra points for reaching the safehouse first.

Peerless engagement.

THE OUTBREAK outperforms any other corporate wellness challenge on the market with:

92.4% average completion rate, backed by a performance guarantee

25%+ average increase in participation over historical wellness challenges

90%+ of players want to continue to another challenge

Get Started!
Create your character…

Use the character builder to create your avatar.

THE OUTBREAK: Zombie Characters

If you get turned…

Play as a zombie, chasing your coworkers.

THE OUTBREAK: Zombie Characters

Caught by zombies?

Fall behind and turn into a zombie…

and then chase down and turn your coworkers into zombies!

More than just a walking challenge…

Immersive Story

Weekly chapters unfold the mystery of the zombie outbreak

Appropriate For All

THE OUTBREAK has a light-hearted tone/graphical style appropriate for all ages

Team-based Play

Great for team-building across your company or within departments

Epic Zombie Battles

Encounters with special zombies, colorful characters and familiar locations

Interactive Tutorial

The interactive tutorial introduces gameplay to new players

Automatic Pedometer Sync

Integration with Apple Healthkit, Google Fit, Fitbit, Apple Watch, and many others

Native Smartphone App

More people now have access to smartphones than computers

Promotes Steps and Exercise

Both steps and exercise play a role in gameplay by default

Global and Team Chat

Organize your team with private team chat or talk some trash to other teams in global chat

Native Push Notifications

THE OUTBREAK communicates key game info with push notifications to keep players up to date

The Outbreak uses TruStep™ to verify steps are synced from a fitness tracker… and not just typed in.

TruStep™ Anti-Cheating for Walking Challenges


TruStep™ intelligently discerns between steps that are synced from a user’s fitness tracker/pedometer and steps that are manually typed in, allowing you to limit manually typed in steps, or eliminate them altogether for a challenge with 100% verified activity.


Trust is important for morale in any competitive challenge. TruStep™ eliminates accidental (or intentional) inflation of step counts from manual entries so players can rest easy that their Outbreak challenge is fair and accurate, and you can rest easy that your employees are happy and healthy.

Download for iOS or Android

A Step Ahead: Zombies

Think your company has what it takes?

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