We’re committed to offering you a health challenge at a competitive price that performs to excellence. If it doesn’t your next challenge is on us.

The Outbreak Challenge Price Match Guarantee


FIX commits to meet, or beat, competitor pricing on any competitors that offer a feature-to-feature comparable experience. While FIX understands that no one else has a game-based zombie challenge, the following list includes, but is not limited to, these comparable challenge qualities:

– Duration of Challenge

– Attributes and Activities Incented and Tracked

– Reporting

– CSR and Coaching

– Completion guarantee

– Platforms

Wellness Engagement Guarantee


FIX consistently delivers best-in-the-industry completion rates. We do this so consistently that we guarantee it for our full service clients.

We guarantee 80% of your employees will complete our program, providing you follow our implementation guidelines and best practices. If we miss that guarantee, your next challenge with us, that’s of equal or lesser size, is free.



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