A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion

Think your company can survive the alien invasion?

No more guessing as to whether or not your company has what it takes to survive an invasion of Earth. Every day the Alien Invaders advance, and every day your employees must stay at least one step ahead of them.


the ultimate walking challenge

More Than Just Another Walking Program

A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion takes boring pedometer programs and turns them on their head. A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion is an interactive web-based game where your employees’ real-world activity moves them across a virtual game board.

Teams will race from safehouse to safehouse, with their real-world steps progressing them through the ongoing story.


great for team building

Team Up and Move Out!

Teamwork is crucial to making it out alive in A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion, a team-based, socially-connected challenge with trackable exercise and diet items available for extra progress in the game.

Logging workouts will slow the Invaders down, while tracking and improving your diet make you more resistant to contact with the Aliens’ mind control technology.


all teams are in it to the end

Get to the Safehouse!

Start each week in a new safehouse, with your team’s steps driving progression across the game board and unlocking new chapters in the ongoing story. Teams are rewarded for synergistic play with combat bonuses and extra points for reaching a safehouse first.

New bonuses each week mean that every team can be competitive throughout the entire challenge.

Falling behind?

The Alien Invaders possess advanced mind-control technology, which they’re using to turn humans into mindless (albeit very happy) drones to do their bidding. If turned, participants can literally chase (and turn) their coworkers into Alien Drones too.

Choose your character…

Record steps to move your character across the game board.

Track diet and exercise to increase your character’s health and combat.

Caught by the Alien Invaders?

Fall behind and turn into a mind-controlled alien drone…

and then chase down and turn your coworkers into drones too!

Walking is just the beginning…

Immersive Story

Weekly chapters unfold the adventure of the Alien Invasion

Appropriate For All

A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion has a light-hearted tone/graphical style appropriate for all ages

Team-based Play

Great for team-building across your company or within departments

Epic Alien Battles

Encounters with Alien Overlords, colorful characters and fun alien settings

Re-playable Episodic Design

Each 6-week challenge is an episode in the ongoing story, so groups can participate in multiple challenges without ever playing the same content twice

Automatic Pedometer Sync

Integration with Fitbit, Misfit, Withings and Jawbone devices as well as manual pedometer entry

Built-in Employee Rewards

Powerful and customizable, offer rewards and recognition to employees with integrated rewards

Diet and Exercise Tracker

Integrated activity tracker enhances player stats and rewards healthy behaviors with in-game point bonuses

Global and Team Chat

Organize your team with private team chat or talk some trash to other teams in global chat

Hourly Desk Fitness

Microburst activity games powered by the UtiliFIT Engine to get employees active at their desks

Access From All of Your Devices

A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion is available as a web-app accessible via your favorite web browser on computer, tablet and smartphone (iOS and Android apps coming soon).

Compatible Devices

A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion

Think your company has what it takes?

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